About Aurora365


Established in 2013, Aurora365 (which is part of the Comtact Group) was developed by IT specialists with first-hand experience of the challenges faced by IT professionals. Dependable IT is critical to the success of your organisation. Our ethos is to take away the worry of uptime and user experience so that you can focus on growing your business. We understand that to properly manage your entire IT Infrastructure 24/7/365 you need the right fully skilled team. Changes happen by the minute in IT and represent a challenge for organisations to keep their IT teams up-to-date and knowledgeable to best support their customers.


Relatively few companies are able to make the upfront and ongoing investments necessary to monitor IT in real-time and pre-empt and resolve issues. Even if monitoring software and equipment purchases can be met, only a fraction of firms possess sufficient critical mass to employ full time monitoring experts. Even fewer will be operating from a 24x7x365 Network Operations Centre listening for outage events to facilitate an immediate response.


This is where Aurora365 comes in. After discerning this gap, Aurora decided to offer its monitoring platform as a standalone OPEX based service, which allows us to keep costs low to our customers but still provide a premium service. Through our flexible service models, our customers gain competitive advantage by having access to IT monitoring experts at the heart of their Infrastructure, allowing them to deliver the customer experience which previously they would have been unlikely to budget for or achieve.



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