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Establishing a NOC Culture

While organisations recognise the potential of running their own Network Operations Centre (NOC), it’s often assumed that USS Enterprise style control centres are only deployed by the largest network operations. It’s easy to understand why an organisation such as Amazon Web Services – that is estimated to run approaching five million servers across its global data centre network – depends on its Network Operations Centre; however, surely it’s overkill for more reasonably scaled operations?

In this White Paper we outline how you don’t need to be an Amazon or a Google to reap the benefits of establishing a Network Operations Centre culture in your own organisation.


7 Unexpected Benefits of Aurora365 Infrastructure Monitoring

A customer’s perspective, six months post deployment

Going beyond the typical ‘always-on’ monitored environment
While Aurora365 delivers leading levels of functionality, we increasingly find that integrated infrastructure monitoring – along with additional features such as Mobile Administration, VoIP & Network Quality, Virtualisation, Storage, Log & Event and Firewall Security – can combine to unlock new capabilities for Aurora365 customers.

One recent project – with Innovia Films – showed how just six months after deploying Aurora365, the customer has unlocked 7 unexpected benefits over and above standard ‘always-on’ functionality.

Discover the 7 unexpected benefits in this white paper…


Benefits of Cloud Based Web Performance Monitoring

Web Performance Monitoring (WPM) defines the component in our suite which enables us to perform in-depth responsiveness and error checking on our customer’s critical websites, be they customer owned (externally facing or internal) and also those of critical 3rd party suppliers.  The massive benefit that Aurora365 inherently provides our WPM customers in this regard is its ability to measure responsiveness from both customer premises and from totally independent external locations.

This white paper outlines a couple of scenarios that exemplify this benefit from our own customer experiences, including Salesforce and SharePoint instances.


5 Key Principals of Effective Infrastructure Monitoring

This white paper details the 5 central principals for effective infrastructure monitoring to help organisations eliminate downtime and improve customer experience.   These guidelines form the service DNA behind Aurora365’s cloud based Infrastructure Monitoring.  Aurora365 is accredited on the UK Government’s G-Cloud 5 Framework.


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