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Aurora365 – Powerful, Affordable Infrastructure Monitoring

Good IT Management starts with knowing where your systems are and how they are performing. Aurora365 provides real-time visibility across your entire IT infrastructure, finding and fixing faults before they impact your business.

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Aurora365 – Service Models

Through our flexible service models, our customers gain competitive advantage by having access to IT monitoring experts at the heart of their Infrastructure, allowing them to deliver the customer experience which previously they would have been unlikely to budget for or achieve.

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Aurora365 Consultancy Services

Our Consultancy offering provides an independent viewpoint which cuts through the previously identified blockers towards Always-On services.  Often our customers already have the people, process and technology engines in place – they are for want of a better term, just not configured properly.  Therefore instead of rip and replacing, frequently a better course for our client’s is to take Aurora365’s consultancy services.

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