Managed Monitoring On-Premise

Realise the potential of your in-house Infrastructure Management investment with Aurora365

Despite the many benefits of cloud based monitoring, we appreciate cloud is not an option for every organisation.

Regardless of how your Infrastructure Management software is hosted today, Aurora365 can unlock it’s potential, delivering service assurance to your organisation.  We will carry out a full audit of how your team is currently working with Infrastructure Monitoring/Management and then based on our experience, provide insight on how the technology can better support your organisation to drive overall IT performance.

This could include recommendations around extended functionality, additional polling engines and suggested hardware requirements.  Then in addition, we provision for any needed skills-transfer or on-demand resource requirements from our accredited NOC/SOC team.

Service Model Flexibility.  We know that a “one-size” fits all service model will not suit every organisation.  Especially when a significant pre-standing investment has been made.  We give our customers the choice of adopting either our cloud based service or have our team assist with your in-house deployment.  However, a hybrid model is also an option, where we provide a fully Managed Service Year 1, becoming Customer Managed Year 2.

To ensure the success of bringing the management of the platform back in-house in year 2, we commit to a skills transfer through the first year of service, making the move a realistic possibility.  This also removes the need of sending team members on unnecessarily and sometimes expensive training courses.

Customers can also migrate from on-premise to cloud option at any point through the service term.

Talk to us today about the best service model for your organisation.



Managed Monitoring On-Premise

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What Aurora365 Customers say

“Aurora365 allows us to proactively view critical network, systems and application information through a single, consolidated dashboard portal.”
Steve Smith, Head of ICT at the RIBA.