Managed Monitoring in Cloud

Removes the need for our clients to acquire and retain highly skilled in-house resource to setup and evolve your Infrastructure Management platform to realise its maximum potential

Establishing effective monitoring requires specialist skills for significant periods of time – post initial deployment, continued effort is needed to bed the service into the environment and expand adoption into advanced areas, such as fault fix automation and advanced reporting.

A unique service.  No other supplier provides a comprehensive managed service option for Infrastructure Management, other than Aurora365.  Therefore, in the absence of hiring in full-time monitoring specialists, our fully managed service approach is the enabler for our customers to get monitoring up and running in a purposeful fashion.

Aurora365’s Managed Monitoring in Cloud service includes full service setup and a set allocation of changes per annum.  Irrespective of managed model, customers retain the right to co-configure the platform themselves through the service term.

Aurora365 in the cloud is easy to budget as it removes the hidden costs of hardware acquisition and run costs, expensive training, skills retention, shift planning, plus supplemental consultancy requirements to maintain fit for purpose monitoring systems over time.

Service Model Flexibility.  Customers have the choice of either adopting our cloud based service or have us assist them with their on-premise instance.  Often it’s a finely balanced decision, especially when a significant pre-standing investment has been made.  On occasion, a Hybrid model, where we provide a fully Managed Service Year 1, becoming Customer Managed Year 2, has proved an attractive option for some of our clients.

Customers can also migrate from a cloud to on-premise option at any point through the service term.

One of the key advantages of cloud based monitoring is that it delivers an external view point of systems availability and performance that is unaffected by our customer’s actual infrastructure status. Aurora365 is hosted from our UK tier 3, IS027001 data centre, providing our customers service assurance and driving a SLA plus 99.99%.

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Managed Monitoring In The Cloud

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What Aurora365 Customers say

“Aurora365 has afforded us quicker response times, reducing the noise of verbose alerts, cutting resolution time and saving lost revenue and avoided user frustration.”   –  Adrian Hollister, Head of Strategy and Architecture at Plymouth University.